Open ring gold and 2 sapphires

2 sapphires coiled in the curves of an original ring

Stone color
Stone color 2

Characteristics :

either 750 yellow gold or 750 white gold at your choice (same price)
number of stones: 2 sapphires
size and average weight of stones: 1 round 4 mm and 1 pear 7x5 mm about 1.2 carat
average weight of the jewel: 4 gr approximately
choice of stones: sapphires
available colors: round: pink, yellow, orange and white / pear: blue, yellow and green pink
quality: AAA
If you want this diamond jewel, please contact us
Price: contact us by email in French or English for a personalized quote, total payment on the order, read the general conditions of sale
Delivery: made to order, 8 weeks max

The jewels and objects are made by hand and according to traditional methods.

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