Founder of Rêves de Rebecca (Rebecca’s dreams), my name is Jean Marc Leclercq. For a longer time, I have been fascinated by precious stones which fascinate me with their sparkles and their colors. They create in me a unique emotion that I share in each of my creations. The union of a gem with a golden curve stimulates my imagination with each new piece of jewellery that is unique, thought out to magnify this composition.

Each piece of jewelry is imagined, designed and produced on Reunion Island - France. My work is in line with a sustainable development and fashion approach without overproduction or waste with carefully selected materials.

The gold is refined and then reworked to give all its sparkle, and each stone is hand selected to ensure impeccable quality. Rêves de Rebecca (Rebecca's Dreams) jewels are both timeless and designed to last. Each creation is pure emotion to better make us dream.