Jewel silver

Beautiful jewels born from the alliance of silver and stones semi-precious, very modern that will give you a unique charm.

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Price €139.00

Personalize your pendant by choosing the fine stones of your choice The MYRIAD pendant in sterling silver and 4 semi precious stones to choose from, gives pride of place to the brilliant color of the stones. It can be worn easily for any occasion, adding a touch that is both vintage and feminine. The result is breathtaking with stones highlighted by the...


Price €189.00

Personalize the ring with the semi precious stones of your choice. The CONSTELLATION ring in sterling silver and 4 fine stones is in every way an exceptional piece of jewelry. This ring is the culmination of a long preparatory work for a superb result. The stones are set flush with the metal to avoid any risk of snagging. All the stones give a remarkable...


Price €179.00

Personalize the ring with the stones of your choice. The LABYRINTH ring in sterling silver with 3 fine stones is distinguished by its resolutely modern design. Its manufacture requires all our expertise to give it lightness and robustness with its 2 silver levels where the 3 stones are placed. This ring requires a very particular polishing which allows...