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Price €1,390.00

Open ring gold and 2 sapphires The modernity of the “Bagatelle” ring in 750 gold with two sapphires gives a daring result. Bagatelle has the understated sophistication of a dream moment. The pear sapphire supported by a round sapphire are highlighted by an innovative setting giving a great lightness to the ring which puts poetry mixed with moments of...


Price €1,290.00

Ring gold with 1 sapphire The “Caress” ring in 750 gold and an octagonal sapphire was imagined as the refined translation of a distant journey. The unique sapphire nestled in two graceful curves gives this jewel a tender and feminine appearance. The innovative setting gives the impression that the sapphire is weightless on the finger. This jewel is...


Price €1,550.00

Ring gold and 1 sapphire The “Dream” ring in 750 gold is setted  with a sparkling oval sapphire which is perfectly highlighted by the metal buckles. The grace of the curves makes it possible to magnify this particularly dazzling solitary sapphire. This ring is the perfect compromise between a not too imposing ring and a radiant solitaire.


Price €1,390.00

Ring gold with 1 sapphire The “Elixir” ring in 750 gold and an octagonal sapphire is displayed as a timeless jewel. The result of long work to find the perfect pattern that combines comfort and elegance. The motif of this ring stands out for its singularity. Designed to be worn every day, it easily adapts to the pace of the active woman. This fluidity of...


Price €1,390.00

Ring gold with 2 sapphires The majestic “Eternity” ring in 750 gold is adorned with 2 triangle sapphires. The arrangement of the stones required a high quality setting to allow a perfect fit. To ensure that the jewel is very strong, this ring has been subjected to numerous tests. The result is meticulous setting work that combines lightness and strength.


Price €1,090.00

Ring  gold with 1 sapphire The “Flame” ring in 750 gold adorned with a marquise sapphire, hand-set in our workshop, is a jewel with pure and graceful lines. This jewel is distinguished by a striking sparkle with its seemingly airy stone, so rigorous and successful is the setting. The light can be freely reflected in the transparency of the sapphire which...


Price €1,480.00

Ring gold with 1 sapphire The “Fame” ring in 750 gold and round sapphire is presented as an exceptional jewel of modernity and avant-garde. This is a truly extraordinary piece, at the same time majestic, refined and graphic. This ring keep it’s promise as an end to the permanent collection. The choice of a high quality sapphire brings a wonderful touch...


Price €1,550.00

Ring gold with 1 sapphire The  ”Grace” ring in 750 gold set with a colored sapphire is majestic with its generous curves. The setted stone give the impression that it is delicately pinched between 2 golden curves. The sobriety of the lines highlights the brilliance of the stone revealing all its beauty in a harmony worthy of an exceptional jewel.


Price €1,190.00

Ring gold with 1 diamond The “Infinity” ring in 750 gold and a round diamond is a delight of meticulousness. This delicate piece of jewelry is in perfect harmony. This ring will appeal to all those who like to combine finesse and elegance. It symbolizes an entire love between two beings who complement and strengthen each other. Comfort and refinement are...


Price €1,450.00

Ring gold with 1 sapphire The “Liberty” ring in 750 gold and an octagonal sapphire is a jewel with a shape as harmonious as it is lovely. Its finely worked curves sublimate its beautiful central sapphire which is of good size. A perfect ring if you are looking for a jewel that asserts itself with its presence. This golden movement is highlighted by a...


Price €1,450.00

Ring gold with 1 sapphire The “Love” ring in 750 gold and 1 square sapphire captures the intensity of the movement of the gold which gracefully pinches the stone. This daring setting exudes both strength and delicacy, modernity and sobriety. The “Love” ring exudes softness in a constant search for perfection. The stone is so well highlighted that the...