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My inspiration comes from selecting outstanding gems. Then this idea materializes in a jewel or object, always one of a kind, which I introduce to you here.

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Ying Yang

Price €1,094.00

open ring gold with 2 sapphires and 1 ruby The “Ying yang” open ring in 750 gold with two round sapphires and a ruby is distinguished by its design of circles and curves. The stones intersect in a circular movement which gives a harmonious effect to the whole piece of jewelry. The search for balance symbolizes the union of the masculine and the feminine.

Mish Mash

Price €1,190.00

ring gold with 5 sapphires and 1 green diamond  The “Mish mash” ring in 750 gold with five sapphires and one diamond has been designed entirely by hand. The oval which groups the stones is entirely openwork. Therefore the stones seem to pose in the void for an astonishing realism. This potpourri of brightly colored stones offers a unique spectacle with...


Price €1,390.00

open ring with gold 2 pearls and 4 diamonds The “Farandole” open ring in 750 gold with two white (Akoya) and black (Tahiti) pearls plus four diamonds offers a striking spectacle of beauty and grace. The design is both simple and unique between the generosity of the ring and the delicacy of pearls set with diamonds. This you and me sums up all the beauty...


Price €870.00

open ring gold and 2 sapphires The “Attraction” ring in 750 gold and two pear sapphires appears like a refined jewel, with ideal proportions. The two stones seem to talk to and contemplate each other. The crimping with claws ensures excellent security despite the lightness of its structure. The ring is aptly named because it attracts us irremediably.